Critical Thinking for Achievement- free training sessions for eligible Primary and Secondary teachers*

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This course is designed to raise achievement by engaging students in Critical Thinking; becoming better at thinking, making better sense of information and becoming a more open thinker.


On the course, we will explore and discuss a variety of strategies to improve questioning, the investigation of evidence and developing arguments, and overall, to encourage students to become more independent in their geographical or scientific thinking.


The programme is based on the principle that critical thinking is best taught in a subject context and, in this case, the course is designed for teachers of geography and science in both the primary and secondary sector.


The general idea is that after the discussion of key concepts and strategies, teachers will focus on an issue or area to address in their own schools/classrooms and then, through working with other delegates, come to a decision about the best way to tackle this, using the strategies explored. We will then meet again, 8 weeks later, to discuss the impact this has had and how we will grow the ideas moving forward.


These sessions will be held at the National Church of England Academy, Hucknall - NG15 7DB


*  Eligibility:

Please note that priority for this free training is given to teachers of Ofsted graded 3 or 4 schools. Schools who are Ofsted graded 1 or 2 and who are within one of the DfE’s Category 5 or 6 Local Area Districts are also eligible but there will be a waiting list for these delegates, until we are certain of numbers from Ofsted graded 3 or 4 schools.


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