Mind Management Masterclass

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Is the concept of work: life balance unrealistic? Do you find yourself overwhelmed and exhausted at times throughout the school year? Are people around you close to burning out? You're not alone.


Press the pause button for a moment and join us for a thought provoking, practical and engaging masterclass to help leaders get in a good place and stay there for longer. In this 3 hour workshop you will gain insight into the human mind, to better understand the things that you and others do. Open your mind to explore what's at the root of the challenges that leaders face and develop essential mind and behaviour management skills to better deal with conflict and stress.


Reflect and work together to optimise your wellbeing and support others to do the same. Learn how to fix your own oxygen mask first, because it starts at the top... it starts with you!


About Sabrina: Passionate, enthusiastic, driven and inspired by a love of learning and supporting others on their journeys of selfdevelopment. Sabrina is a trained and experienced personal and business coach, with a background of 12 years in education supporting leaders, staff and students. Her understanding of people and compassion for all is second to none. She was privileged to have worked under renowned Sports Psychiatrist and best-selling author Professor Steve Peters, as part of his team at Chimp Management. She is now the founder of Mind Set Match, helping people from all walks of life to gain insight into the human mind, get the best out of themselves and their relationships, and master the skills to match their mindsets and actions to their dreams and goals. Her style has been described as engaging, entertaining and varied, and her content thought provoking and life-changing.


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