Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme - Train the Trainer

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The Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme - Train the Trainer - has been designed by the creators of teh ITP, OTP and OTAP to enhance the leadership and teaching in your schools and prepare a school-based team of accredited facilitators who can facilitate the OLEVI OTAP within the Teaching and Learning Syllabus.  




The Train the Trainer programme: 

  • Provides opportunities to understand facilitation in depth and enable a range of experiences for delegates. 
  • Gives a comprehensive understanding of the OLEVI ethos so that effective role-modelling can be achieved. 
  • Gives an understanding of the activities of OTAP and how these can be extended and / or varied to deepen delegates' learning and use of them within their own context.
  • Enables facilitation to focus on the learning and the children, not the teaching. 
  • Accredits the delegate to facilitate this programme. 


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